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Thread: Honest opinion on Lasever 200mW blue?

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    Default Honest opinion on Lasever 200mW blue?

    I have found the price on a Lasever U-series 200mW 473nm laser to be $1420 with $100 shipping. This seem a little low. Can anyone confirm quality and reliability from them? Do any of you have a module you could take pictures of?

    200+mW is what I need to match my 450mW red... At least the green is cheap...

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    here's a thread devoted to lasever issues etc...

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    My experience suggests that the "U" series heads are more reliable and are better made than the newer "MR" series heads from Lasever. My green "U" series 100 mw Lasever is 5 years old and still makes a little over 100 mw while drawing just 650 ma of current for the pump diode. It also has the best beam specs of any laser I own.

    Conversely, I've personally experienced a failure with an "MR" series blue head from Lasever, and I know of many others that have had "MR" heads fail too. (Both blue and green lasers)

    However, there is at least one member here that has had problems with a Lasever "U" series blue head, so there are no guarentees.

    Botton line: Lasever beats everyone on price, but you are taking a chance. CNI is probably a safer bet, because a laser from CNI stands a better chance of lasting and will probably be making more than it's rated power when it arrives. But it's going to cost more too. Only you can decide of the cost savings is worth the risk.

    If you do have a problem with a Lasever laser, you need to be persistent, but you can get it replaced under warranty. (You still have to pay shipping to return it though.) David Wu isn't always as prompt at answering his e-mails as I'd like him to be, but he has always come through for me and for the people I've spoke to that have had to return lasers to him.

    Then too, I've heard a lot of really good things about Dave and Aijii at, and I think they also carry a few Lasever models, so you may want to consider buying a Lasever through them. (They've got a great customer support reputation, if you're worried about a failure down the road.)

    Like I said - it's all about how much risk you're willing to take to save some money... If you're really worried about a failure, then spend the extra $$$ and get a CNI.


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    Default lasever blue laser beam is not good

    As I know, lasever blue laser beam is not good, I saw their picture of the beam, it is not good, very elliptic,
    Some others experience said sometimes one beam becomes two beam, this is very bad.

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    My Lasever blue beam is quite good, small divergeance and beam diameter. Enough round (~90%), but a (very) little artifact near the main beam. Not visible at all when beam is moving.

    So, we can say the beam quality is not an issue on Lasever, at least for lasershow use...

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