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    Hi people, i would just like to say i am glad i found this site i was begining to wonder if it was just me that had a over keen intrest in lasers but by pure accident i found this site a few days back, it used to be a keen hobby for a few years back but with one thing or another i have sort of lost touch but im getting back into it again now the kids have grown up.
    anyway my question to you guys is this has anyone had a problem buying parts from aixiz lasers its just its been two and a half weeks since i ordered the stuff from ebay i was only after 12 X 30mm laser module blanks 10 pack and they seem to be taking for ever to get here from america has anybody else had a similar type of problem with shipping from aixiz or is just me being paranoid lol thx guys

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    I have heard of them being slow getting overseas but they probably use cheap shipping. I live in the same state as them and usually get the stuff in a couple of days. They seem reliable, though.

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    5 days from Spain to Canada. 4 days from UK to Canada. 6 days from Australia to Canada. Yes to save money he is using a very slow shipment method. If I know that there is no more mail by sea ship I would say he is using a very slow boat.
    I hired an Italian guy to do my wires. Now they look like spaghetti!

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