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Thread: My Fond Memories of SELEM

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    Default My Fond Memories of SELEM

    Despite my faux paws-- I remember:
    • trying to light a cigarette off a 3+ Watt Green beam and being blinded somuch that the young dude had to take over for me and light it and then I finished it outside 'cause somebody said"we're not supposed to be smoking in here"
    • People telling me my mirror ball was cool
    • The f*ckin party the nite b4 was absolutely awesome
    • and Adam DZ SteveR Aaron Mike and everybody else ooh "Unlocked" why dont you post morehere--your shittin equip is awesome--
    • I just wantede to tell yall what a good time I had ; I waz really hungover the next day and I got that reckless driving trial coming up in 2 weeks i's kinda pissed =---but I really did have a good time
    • And Spec (Specwhore) Ilove thatname) What an Honour it was to meet you--The Founder of it all-- --shinging your 405 off the mirrors was abesolutely awesome
    • Y'all are geniouses--kudos to everyone there-- i was awesome-stricke'n
    • Cheers, Steve-o
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    Hey Steve-o!

    Hehe... I remember a lot of the same things you do. The cigarette lighting was fun, if a little painful, to watch. Even in the video clip, you can see how bright the specular reflection was.

    Dude - the mirror ball rocks. I've already decided to buy one for myself. Can't decide what size to get though. Was looking at the 12 inch ones, but it's not that much more for a 16 inch... Dunno yet which one - but I *will* be getting one.

    As for the pre-SELEM party, all I can say is... WOW. If we do *NOTHING* else, we need to do that party again. (I think that's going to be a staple for future SELEM's - so long as Louie at The Artist's Cafe will have us, that is!)

    Don't sweat the trial dude... I know it's occupying your thoughts right now, but it will pass. Lasers are an addiction that will last long after you've forgotten all about the stupid ticket. (Granted, your insurance rates might suck for a year or two, but just think how much cheaper lasers will be when you rates drop!) For what it's worth, a couple guys in the UK ended up with traffic tickets on their way home from their laser enthusiast's meeting over there too, so you're in good company. (I know you got the ticket before SELEM, but still...)

    Yeah Have-Locked doesn't post here all that much, but he does have some nice toys. DreamBeamz has several big ion lasers as well, but he wasn't able to bring them to SELEM this time around. Maybe next year though... (Would have been nice to see a couple Lexel 95's blasting away in that auditorium!)


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