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Thread: FLEM 1.5 time change!

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    Smile FLEM 1.5 time change!

    Hey guys... Just wanted to post an update. The Florida Laser Enthusiast's meeting (Version 1.5) is still on for Saturday, October 20th. However, we will be starting at 11 AM, not ten like orignally planned. We'll still run 'till at least midnight - or until everyone is tired and wants to leave.

    This shouldn't pose too much of a problem, because if you remember back to the original FLEM back in January, we had our wires crossed and weren't able to get into the venue until after 11 AM anyway. This time we're just going to push it back to 11 AM to make it easier on the folks that have to travel. (Including me! I have to be at the airport the night before at midnight, and probably won't get out of there before 12:30. Then I gotta drive an hour before I can sleep, only to turn around the next morning and drive back!)

    So change the time on your calenders people... 11AM on October 20th. Still in the same place though. (PM me if you need directions.)


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    damn, i guess its a little early to go down and stand in line to get in then ;-)
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