now then, have the box to put it in ( a nice alu box from a mains conditioning unit for telephone uses), have my galvos, amps, psu. no dac yet but it wont be long. i guess the bit i`m fuzzy on is grounding. seems to pop up a lot on here.

what (i think) i know.........

the signal inputs to the amps are 2 pin : x/y + and x/y -.

galvo psu has outputs : g, -v, g, +v with separate chasis ground.

also the galvos have 7 pins :white, red, yellow, black (thick) ,black (thick) ,red , white.

do i connect all the grounds (laser, dac, dac psu, galvo psu, galvos)?

do i connect all the grounds to chasis ground?

do the galvos need grounding seperatly? if so which wires ? ( i`m thinking the big black ones (are they both the same?)).

i know its a bit playschool but i just need a check-list.
you know how it is, got theese new toys and dont want to break `em before i`ve got some sort of projection out of `em
i will post pictures soon.
cheers. scoot.