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Thread: Got a DVD laser!

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    Default Got a DVD laser!

    Wow! This is G-O-O-D!! I got a knackered 'Benq' DVD writer and dropped the laser block out. The diodes are 'typical' 3 pin jobs. I am feeding the red one with 160 mA and it is almighty bright. (I've been playing with 5 mW ones).

    2 questions.

    1:- Does anyone recognise this block and can gues at what is the maximum current I can safely put through it to play with in CW mode?

    2:- How do I go about collimating the light to give me a beam.

    Sorry if the questions are a bit basic but as I keep saying, I'm very new to lasers.

    Thanks for help - Dave (A picture of the block is attached)
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