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Thread: Trade: GSI g120 galvos w/ closed loop minisax amps

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    Quote Originally Posted by allthatwhichis View Post
    Yea, it is the bigger mirror. I am using it as the Y galvo. Doesn't the heater need to be plugged in for them to run?
    Bigger mirror = y galvo, correct

    Heater does not need to be plugged in to work, they are for use in precision environments like cutting metal using cad programs. If the heater wires are separated on the minimax plug, do take them out. I hate the heater wires and never needed them even when I was aiming at bounce mirrors with my galvos

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    I think I thought I needed the heater becasue when I first hooked them up they would not go. I found the servo enable pin on the amps needed to be grounded and they worked. I'll try to unhook the heater tonight. I got the mirrors off the "new mounts" and will try to epoxy them on the "old mounts" tonight.

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