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    So, i got this motor for my car I have been wanting for a long time and last time I worked on a car this much I got severely injured and I can blame this on not having power tools. I went to break a bolt loose like I always do and with about 60lbs of pressure the bolt did break loose and it also sliced my wrist on the skid plate. It looked fantastic, nothing like seeing oil, and the nastiest grime inside your inner skin. I severed my radial nerve in my right hand therefore killing any feeling in the top and sides of my thumb and index finger. $60,000 of surgery and 3 years later, not much feeling but better than if I didnt have the surgery.

    Now that I have decided to do work on a car again I decided to get an air compressor, and air tools to avoid this from happening again. Everything was going great, all the bolts coming off with ease. I had to change out from a 14mm to a 17mm socket on my impact wrench. It was on there rather snug. I went to yank it off since a normal amount of pressure was not getting it off and bam. The socket and extension came off with lightning speed and along with that speed my right hand flew towards the transmission. It hit so hard that when the stop occurred the socket flew off the extension straight into the wall and into the wall. What was I left with but a broken (chipped) ring finger next to my pinkie. Blah............ Luckily it didnt occur on any of the joints and I can bend it without it hurting. I just cant apply pressure to it. Doctor said just to wear a splint any time I dont type but I should be good regardless. Anyways, I finally got my first broken bone, I guess I am lucky that it took this long.

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    Oh man... When I started reading this I thought you'd cut another nerve! Glad to hear it was only a broken finger. (Yeah, "only"... I'll be it hurts like hell!) Still, it could have been worse!

    Now you know why I decided to pass on the engine swap for Dan's Prizm. That job was just beyond me. I didn't have the free time or the patience to see it through. So now I'm looking for another vehicle for him. (sigh.)

    The splint should be fine. Give it 2 weeks - maybe 3, and you ought to be OK. Just remember that the more you use your finger during that time, the more it will hurt and the better chance you'll have that it will heal crooked!


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    Damn man, there is a life lesson for you here... Befriend a mechanic, maybe do a lasershow for his kid's birthdays or something, but stop working on cars.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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