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Thread: Controlling more than one laser

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    Default Controlling more than one laser


    I'm a newbie when it comes to show lasers. I got experience with moving head lights and other lights. So having more than one lights is normal and also dmx-controlling enables you to have many lights on the same command line in parallel.

    But what about Ilda-controlling? Is one port only connected to one laser or can you connect them in parallel into one controller?

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    First welcome to the forums. This is a great site if you want to know anything about laser projectors.

    As for your question about connecting them in parallel in theory it would work but it would depend on what you are using and if it has enough current to send enough signal to every device in line. And all the projectors would be doing the exact same thing. I am sure some more experienced users would be able to give you a definite answer regarding that.

    Ideally what you would do is have multiple cards (like the pangolin QM2000) in your computer(s) one to control each projector. It just depends on the software you use supports it. I have the FB3 to control my projector and the software supports multiple projectors.

    Also I have pretty much the same background as you with moving head lighting and DMX. I work with Vari-Lite's mostly... its a fun business!


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    Hi, welcome to PL!

    If you do a forum search for "TL074" you'll get a few results showing how to do it with opamps, although you can usually get away with just putting a couple of projectors in parallel. You can reverse the X axis on one side if you want symetrical beam shows.

    As already said, you need multiple DACS or pangolin cards if you want to project different things on each projector.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here, I'm new but find myself on here almost every day because there's so much great information and interesting stuff going on!



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