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Thread: alteritive mirroe holders

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    Wink alteritive mirroe holders

    Hi people i shall put the pics up then do a small write up at the bottom

    Looking at some of the nice mirror holders that you guys have, i thought that i would try and come up with a cheap alternitive that gives a rock steady performance for a next to nothing price, we use these rod end bearings alot at work in different sizes. the only mod thati done was to put a 3mm grub screw at the top to hold the internal bearing so that one you have the beam where you want you can lock it off, also i put the bolt in mu lathe and skimed the fron face so i could hold the mirror with a dab of mastic. this unit allows you an approximate 25 degree arc in any direction also you can spin the mirror around 360 degrees, they have a nice smooth positive direction movement on them allowing for good controll of the beam steering probably good for multiple diode system like i am trying to put together after seeing some very nice set ups on (PL) .they also have a threaded bottom for fixing down this will allow the whole unit to spin around on its own axis. total cost was about £3 plus a tiny bit of my time i have one spare if any of you guys would like to have alook and see what you think, i will pay for post its the least i can do after somre of the kind people have helped me out here on ( PL) best regards Kaz
    ps please excuse my spelling
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