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Thread: Lexel88A cracked tube

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    Default Lexel88A cracked tube


    i have an Lexel88A from an ebay auction. Now after some inspection ive seen that the tube is cracked i can move one brewster stem and hear cracked glas inside the magnet/cooling case

    Does it make sense to remove the magnet (to have some spare parts for my other lexel88 lasers) or is it better to avoid the risk of handling with beryllium (and beryllium contaminated stuff).

    I have no idea how harmful it really is and dont be interested to find out by myself.


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    Check and see if that is a beryllium tube or not. If memory serves it may be all ceramic-
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    The 88 core is BeO. Only powdered BeO dust you can breath in is hazardous. Normal BeO tubes are OK to handle, just DONT grind them into dust. Water keeps the BeO dust out of the air. Wet down the core, place it in large plastic bag. flush any powder in the magnet down the drain with copious amounts of water. Lexel tubes usually dont fragment into the 1.5 micron dust size that is hazardous, so if you keep the tube damp you can handle it long enough to change it out and recover the magnet, then wash hands and work surface after handling. Tape plastic bag with clear tape and landfill it. Keep the white teflon plastic seals from the magnet ends
    and the orings.

    Steve Roberts
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