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Thread: Harassment on the part of "msith"

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    Thumbs down Harassment on the part of "msith"

    Hi all,

    I hate to bother you with this, but I wanted to share with you the latest Private Message sent to me by "msith". He claims to have all kinds of damaging evidence on me. I have nothing to fear, so I am sharing this with all of you, just so you can see the kind of person we are dealing with here...

    Today he has changed his user profile, removing references to Anthony Abbot which he had last night, and replacing them with references to Pangolin, including use of the Pangolin logo. I am not sure if Photon Lexicon as a forum has a policy against this or not. But clearly it is not right...

    Quote Originally Posted by msith View Post

    You think you are smart.. but you do not really have a clue to what details I do actually know about you! (and have on you).

    You are so wrong with respect to thinking to who I am... Those people you have tried to think is me - WRONG... You have been hook...line and sinker.

    The great thing is that I have wasted your time in trying to ascertain the IP - woopty-doo.

    Interestingly you and I have met, and better yet I am not that far from you... in fact, perhaps you and I can sit down for a coffee some day?
    It was great to hear you speak at ILDA in China...

    None the less, you have no clue because of your arrogance and global-sized ego!

    Bill, I have been watching you for a long time, I have a backup of your entire Pangolin site changes and all over the years.. and a great deal of technical documents...

    You are in fact a representative of your own reputation - you preach to the community about copying, licence agreements, whatever - you you are very much responsible for copying other peoples Ideas - you simply buy them out and then say that you have come up with the concept.

    I have a great deal of evidence in regards to your business practices and it can be very damaging to you if made public knowledge. I know your reasoning and intentions..

    You simply work by manipulation.. yes you have have a following Bill, but you also have just a greater number of disgruntled customers that you have decided to try and cheat to.

    So Bill, I would watch your every step, what you say and what you do from now on, A I want to bust that big ego trip that you are on.

    I might add, that you staff in the past have been very helpful and forthcoming in relation to technical details - so much to say that perhaps you should look at your internal processes - mmm just a thought (as you also put it).

    Its been a long time coming - waiting for you to slip-up - so that I can blow-open your *real* true side.

    My suggestion is that you remove yourself from ILDA, as some evidence will be made available to the board members which will damage you..

    I take a complete disliking to weasels like you.

    When I did meet you, my thoughts are that you are nothing more that a college geek... Bullying around other people...

    Remember Bill, you are being watched!..

    We will meet again soon perhaps to discuss this issue face to face - perhaps you still have it in you to come good.

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    Sorry to hear about this Bill, The guy sounds like a *ucking Psyco stalker.... I think i might forward it to my local police, just in case.... Better to be safe than sorry.... Luckly i have know Bill since about 1990 as i worked for AVI, and i have always know him to be very helpful, Knowledgable, respectful, and a cool party guy at times... I cant even relate one of the feelings your cloaked stalker has brought up... I too Hope PhotonLexicon website can Block, or assertain more info on this guy... This is all about fun and lasers people.... Chill...

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    Wow! Pissy! Ask to meet in person! It'd be interesting to see what he does. Even better, put a recorder in your pocket!

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    Thumbs down

    I doubt they'll ever meet in person. I think Msith and LaserMame are the same person (Rodney), and he's in Australia.

    Still, I agree that it's harrassment.


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    We could invite him to FLEM... Have to... everybody so... doesn't happen.

    This has gone a little too far. Boarderline harrassment IMO. Is it worth showing anyone from ILDA this? I'm not sure if the authorities can do anything with it.
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    Hmm, I would take a message like that as a threat and forward it to local authorities. I agree with some of the above posts that no one will ever meet this bozo. He sounds like one of your typical clowns that sits behind a computer hashing out threats to make themselves feel better but would button right up the minute you confront them in person. I'd still see if the Admin could pull an IP for you, if he wants your attention, give it to him the good 'ole fasion legal way!

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    So Bill, I would watch your every step, what you say and what you do from now on, A I want to bust that big ego trip that you are on.

    Ummm reminds me of

    What about
    "Watching William Benner's every move"

    I even have an idea for a first note.

    "Posted by XXX on 10/16/07 at 10:35 PM
    The vast majority of the hate mail we receive from the Benner's worshippers are people from Europe who have been fooled by their idol into believing that the only option to the current disastrous US lasershow system is the European socialist model. This is, of course, completely untrue. Everyone knows that the old system of employer-provided insurance, in place wince WWII, does not work in today’s world and needs to be ended. The question is, do we replace it with the socialist model, which is clearly just as bad in many respects and vastly worse in others? The following article from Xx1 explains how we can end the ridiculous system we have now without adopting the socialist welfare disaster of Europe and Canada."

    You don't have to understand what does this note mean!
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    I would forward it to local authorities! And getting the IP from spec.
    We NEED moderators in here to ban people like msith

    Keep up the good work Bill!!

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    send the boys round!!!
    Eat Sleep Lase Repeat

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    And who said lasers were borring...

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