Hello fellow laser nerds,
I have a new batch of 20+ mW polarized HeNe lasers in now with >20 mW heads starting at $150.00 I also have many smaller HeNe lasers including two polarized green HeNe's over 1 mW; if you tell me what power you are looking for I bet I have one.

Melles Griot Spatial Filter/collimator in like new condition: Melles Griot wants $2,500 but you you guys how about $500 including free shipping to the USA. See pictures on Sam's classsified page at Sam's Laser FAQ where he has it listed for me also.

Anyone neen an IR laser? I have two working older Amoco lasers 50+ mW @ 1064 nm and ~25 mW @ 1320 nm. How about $500 each?

JDS "nanolaser" pulsed green 1 mW average power @ 12.6 KHz. Short 1 nS high peak power pulses. Like new OEM laser; nice beam. $1K

I stand behind what I sell; it all works right or I don't ship it. Phil 142laser (813) 974-2378 pbergero@cas.usf.edu