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Thread: My first laser project with laserworld parts

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    Default My first laser project with laserworld parts


    like I posted earlier I'm a beginner in creating my own laser system. So far I have bough Laserworld's 250mW Green and their 40k Galvos. Also I have looked into buying FB3 as the controller for the box. I will build the whole thing inside a 19 inc and 3 Units tall rack case. Everything will be placed on rack place which can be then slid into the rack case. Not the worlds best optical mount, but hey I got to start somewhere. Should I make or buy somekind of heatsink mounts for the lasers or is good air cooling enough?

    Now my question is where to get mirrors? At first I'll direct the beam directly to galvos, but later on I'm hoping to add red laser (guess that has to be about 400-500mW?). I checked out, but now I'm wondering if there are some other places as well.
    Also what kind of safety mechanisms should I build into my system? I have read the laws and regulations in place in Finland and they seem to be strict on calssifications and where the beam is directed. Browsing trough the forums and web I found SafetyGuard that uses blackout signal to controll the lasers. I was wondering if this is only sollution or is there like shutters or something that could be used also?

    I'll come back you with more infos and pictures when my shipment from Laserworld arrives. And when I get some plans drawn on paper.

    Some links:
    Galvos (plus PSU):
    The rack case:

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    Edmunds are the standard. You only need two, which will be about $90. Small price compared to the red and blue you'll be gettng to balance with that green you got.
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