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Thread: help with laser selection please.

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    Default help with laser selection please.

    hi guys. its time to buy a (new) laser.
    i`m thinking 532nm 150-200mw with analoge modulation.
    what`s been tried and tested?
    i dont want to end up with rubbish of ebay(no offence to the people that do sell quality stuff on ebay) but its easy to get ripped off.
    any recomended models/traders/ would be great.
    also what sort of import duties am i looking at (you guys here in the uk must have some idea about this)?

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    I suggest PMing dave or aijii from about a CNI. They're service is great and I think dave is on here more than I am. Usually answers a question in an hour or so if that. I got my scanners from them and if... when I get a new laser it will be from them I get it.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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