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Thread: Fiber fed projectors?

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    Default Fiber fed projectors?

    I was thinking about a fiber fed projector like what Yadda has in his gallary. What are the costs associated with this? I can get the fiber cheap, but what about the launch and collimator? What would that cost and depending onthe fiber core size, what would the output beam be like? What would be the losses?

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    Fiber is *cheap*. The associated optics are expensive.

    Why would you want to do this? It makes sense if you're using large ion lasers, because then you don't have to lift them up to where the scan heads are. But for smaller projectors it's an extra step that adds significant cost, complexity, and loss. Why would you want to do that? (Or did you pick up a Coherent I 400 last week and forget to tell us?)


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