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Thread: how far should i drive it

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    Default how far should i drive it

    well i have done it built my first home made laser from a brand new 18x lg dvd drive the thing is how far do i drive it ? first run was at 250ma for 10 mins and it stayed stone cold i did not want to drive it any harder untill i got advivce from you guys the diode holder and lens was from an old laser printer heatsink cut from an old amp i took some pictures but i dont know how to attach them to this post

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    Ahhh the joys of raping DVD drives. This is the perpetual question - how far should we go. I drive my diodes at 300mA and have done that for a while I really dont know how many hours ive put on them but its going to be a couple of hundred. How long they will last is anyones guess as is the question of how close to the limit am I.
    I have been saying for ages that I should run one up and see where it dies but Ive never had the heart to up to now.
    Im sure at 250 mA your diodes will last longer than mine - thats about the best I can say

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