Hi Guys,

I got an ILDA switch card when I got my 30k galvos. I got instructions how to hook the card up to my amps and DMX board, but I did not get separate instructions for the card itself.

Now while it works as per the drawing I was given I am curious as to what a few of the headers and jumpers do that are not shown on my drawing.

The headers I have not connected and I am not sure what they are for are:
Header top left (no markings)(think this is a key-switch as seen in the pdf below)
Header second one in from the left (first one in the row of 6) (marked up as LD2000)
Bottom 2 on the left (1 marked Power LED and the other just says projector). I think I can guess the power LED one

Next there are 10 jumpers. 4 with links on and 6 open.

I did a Google search and the best I came up with was a PDF of a showtec scanner that seems to use this card. Other than that I am still none the wiser.

Has anyone seen/used this card before and can help me out?

Many thanks