This is also posted on LPF.

It's time for me to let go of my RPL-300. :-/
My latest obsession requires lots of funds, since I'm not using my RPL, I'd rather sell it.

The laser is in great condition. No signs of usage. Probably used it for only 10 minutes or so.

I paid $1319 for this laser.
Price: $910 EMS shipped. I'll be offering an optics kit, a 200mW red module and a WickedLasers 532nm sports goggles free.

I have measured it's divergence and it came to about 0.970 mRad.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to pay for the laser, but once you commit yourself, you WILL have to pay after the whole transaction is over. If you are interested, and ONLY serious buyers, contact me and I will send it over to SenKat (LPF; if that is okay with you). He will help me hold on to the laser and send it out. You will ONLY have to pay once it reaches SenKat and leaves his hands. You will not have to worry about the issues of Customs. These are all assuming you are living in the US.

EMS shipping will cost you only $10. BUT if you don't feel like paying the $10, fine by me. I will ship it by EMS anyway.

Method of payment: Paypal only (Sorry, I can't accept money orders because they charge a ridiculous amount just to cash it in and I don't think you'd be willing to fork out the money.) Again the extra 4% will be totally up to you. If you feel generous, pay me the extra 4%, otherwise I'll absorb it.

Please PM me if you've got any queries, I'd be happy to answer.


Note: This picture is the picture of the 200mW red module, not the RPL.