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Thread: Xmas - Santa Flying - anybody sharing

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    Default Xmas - Santa Flying - anybody sharing

    Recently been booked to add some LASER excitement to a local xmas light festivities , before and during the lights turn on .

    My friends building a small show to loop , about 2-3 minutes and its looking good , about the only thing i would say is missing is maybe a Santa Flying ...he has some static santas and santa dancing , but santa in his sledge flying / scrolling across a building would just add a finishing touch methinks !

    Anybody seen such an image ,or have such frames .... would be ideal if someone could share but if anyone seen it for sale anywhere would appreaicte some pointers as its something i would certainly consider splashing a few dollars on!

    Any help appreciated


    (Need in ilda format)
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    there is one of him waving in a sled in the ILP frames in Pangolin, but I'm not sure it can be shared. Not flying either.
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