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Thread: DPSS Vs. Diode

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    Default DPSS Vs. Diode

    Can someone explain brielfy explain the pros and cons.

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    dpss has much better beam qualities, but is more expensive and is limited to certain wavelengths (and colours) - though the range is wider than diodes. Common Dpss wavelengths are 473 blue 532 green 671 red, less common are 457 deep blue (luvverlee) 594 (i think) yellow .
    Diodes are generally cheaper, have poor beam profiles (generally oval) are limited in power (in single mode at least) are only available in orangey red (630-640) deeper red 650+, infra red and violet.
    Like most things a compromise is what gets us by. Hance most here plumb for 532 green & 473 blue with one or more combined red diodes.

    Dpss Red is not favoured as though it has good beam properties it is harder to acheive so expensive and is 2.3 times dimmer than a 658 diode so you need 2.3 times the power for the same visual impact = $$$$ (or over here as 1=2$ )

    hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanwax View Post
    $$$$ (or over here as 1=2$ )
    Shush... would give us a hundredfold advantage over $$$$, and the poor US'ers are already getting nervous about impending recession.

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