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Thread: ADAT blanking trouble

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    Default ADAT blanking trouble

    i just received a few old adat show tapes and they seem to work ok the trouble is that i cant get the blanking to work
    after a little investigation i can see what the trouble is but haven't figured a way to correct it
    the problem is that the signal is negative biased (and analog i think)
    what i mean is the i am getting -2v or so ( i cant tell with a meter no scope too fast)
    so i need a circuit to boost and reverse the signal the boost part i have covered with an opamp and some pots (gain & offset) but an i still need to a +5v for the ttl to work anyone have a circuit that they can share to fix this
    the options i have come up with so far are
    1 use a switching transistor (but may have too much noise)
    2 use a hexinverter
    3 us a opamp and set it up to invert the signal ( dont have a proper schematic to make this work although i haven't try ed yet)
    so if any one knows of and has a way to implement one of these (ie a schematic ) that would be great


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    Default benn there done that, got the Tee shirt.

    I''m assuming you have a old black face adat.

    On the elco connector board backside are two 16 pin ribbon cables.
    You will find a suitable signal there, someplace at home I have the REed schematic, but it only takes about 10 minutes with a ohm meter and the Alesis PDF manual. You use one side of the differntial and ground.

    mark which way the ribbons go before removing.

    The elco connector has solder bumps on the back side, hint, hint!
    otherwise 16 pin ribbon crimp on connectors are cheap and with a little effort, you can make a direct ILDA in and ILDA out plugs.

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