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Thread: Rant - Ebay

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    Default Rant - Ebay

    I listed a flashlamp pumped yag head as a yag laser ( NOT DPSS NOT SSY1 ) and had the auction killed for keyword spamming

    Fu%$#@ing IDIOTS


    ssy1 is a made up part number, made up by Sam at teh FAQ.,
    NOT SSY1 means its a exportable medical head and I can sell it outside US, as its NOT a freakin rangefinder part. I just lost two vey hungry foreign bidders who cant buy SSy1s but can buy a English made EO qswitched YAG.
    &^%$ ebay.

    , I thank this forum for letting me rant. Moral of teh story, ebays BOTs dont care, be careful how you list it.


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    I know what you mean, I have had several items removes including a lot of mirrors for a CO2 laser. I gave the spec sheet for the mirror and because it gave a power threshold, the listing was killed.

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    Sorry to hear that. I didn't know that they had 'keyword sniffing bots' as it seems like that sort of thing happens plenty. maybe the NOTs tripped the wire.
    Those guys will surely be looking for something similar and have your user name, so I'd relist it if I were you.

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    Man I agree they pulled my laser pointer sale because it was "dangerous" but there remains way more powerful lasers with all the same safety implements. Ive realized there is a report dangerous items link available by ebay, best guess I can see is disgruntled non-winning bidders. But these are just my opinions.

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    even worse is the proliferation of obvious crooks blatantly trying to part people with thier green and not intending on providing goods - and ebay seem to have no concern for it.
    Its bloody crazy. You would feel happier if they were at least consitent & based thier pulls on genuine reasons.
    There is a lot to hate about ebay.

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