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Thread: VB-150 150mW 532nm laser head problem

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    Default VB-150 150mW 532nm laser head problem

    Hello All,

    I experienced problem with my laser head VB-150 150mW 532nm
    from Viasho. I want to say I was very satisfied with the performance
    until now. You can read comlete problem with measurements and
    adjustments below. It might be useful for others, that's why I'm posting it.

    Any comments or your experiences are welcome.

    My link contains pictures of opened laser head (detailed),
    with lot of descriptions.

    Frank and Nono Shen from Viasho who are also reading here,
    were very nice and gave me good advices. Many thanks for
    their support.

    If somebody feels such informations should not be published
    please let me know, I'll remove the link.

    Best Regards

    pishtak (laserfreak at technoroam dot sk)

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    Hi Stefan,
    Sorry you having troubles with that unit, also from reading your post on your site youve been doing some investigating too.
    I does look like either the diode is about to die or something wacky with the crystals.
    I have seen quite a few DPSS units and have seen many causes of what you have described. I would make sure that the diode and crystal assemblies are at a happy temperature point but that could take a while to find..
    You will need an IR and a point contact thermometer (bead) to achieve going any further.. You need to see and document your findings as you go as all adjustments are interactive.
    You may get lucky and find the sweetspot where you will get decent performance..if not , I would try and get a new diode. that one uses a 1W diode with no optics before the vanadate, It is butted up against it so it should be very easy.
    If that dont work, your looking at getting a new crystal set..
    It sometimes is worth going thru all the trouble if you really want to learn whats going on inside one of these, otherwise cheaper and easier on the nerves to just get a new unit.
    Have fun and good luck with it.
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