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Thread: Uklem Raffle - 1 WATT Viasho 532nm Laser MODULE

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    Default Uklem Raffle - 1 WATT Viasho 532nm Laser MODULE

    Hi Guys

    I have been talking to FRANK at viasho ( ) - hes a member here and like us a lover of coherant beams .... he has generously offered us a large one third discount off his companies already fantastic $1800 price for one of his gorgeous ONE WATT 532nm units .... ideal for laser show use ...these units have variable TTL + and - blanking and also analogue blanking .... i personally have been using viasho units for years and certainly the last year these unit have been faultless... I can highly recommend them.These are attractive units with built in cooling fan in laser head and also separate power driver with display.

    On the offer of this very generous one off discount to support our meeting i propose a raffle .... imagine going home from the next meet in feburary with your own 1 watt unit ... wouldnt that be soooo exciting !

    I propose absoloute transparency in this raffle and will provide all invoices relating to this unit ....which i hope to either have delivered direct to winner or ideally if the tickets sell well in advance to be able to bring the unopened package to the next meet ready to hand over to the damn lucky winner !
    Hopefully our own beloved ELF ANDY will video draw to show anyone who doesnt make it on the day and i propose numbered ping pong balls in a bag a bit like the Uk lottery and I WILL NOT BE PICKING the winner to reassure everyone of no skullduggary .... i think maybe our esteemed host mark should pick the ball from the bag ! ... maybe when we go to dinner to at his place seems a good opportunity !

    We need to sell 60 tickets at 10 each which i hope will not be too much of problem as we have around 3 months to acheive . Clearly if not enough tickets are sold all monies will be returned .

    So how do you get in on action ? Quite simply paypal 10 to and pick 1 number per 10 between 1-60 to reserve it for you .

    I hope enough can participate to make it a reality

    1st - 1 watt viasho 532nm laser module
    2nd - NEW 12k galvos worth 99
    3rd - 50mW Bluesky Stealth SFX - Focassable laser pointer

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    Hello,guys on PL.
    I am glad to supply this 532nm 1Watt green laser as Uklem Raffle.
    Now I can't wait to see who will be the lucky one to get this unite.
    Thanks for Paul's trust,and I hope some guys on PL will like Viasho laser products soon.

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    Frank, I LOVE my Vashio Green..It the BEST beam i have, tight and bright..But my Blue... Well.. Its blue.... But boy, does there need to be some work done on the whole analog blanking thing.....Vashio needs to make a blue closer to the CNI ones...

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    Now THAT's a door prize... I'm not sure if we over here in the US can compete with that. Have to give a whole projector away... Nice job Paul, Frank!
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Hi Paul that sounds Brilliant .....

    also looks as i may still be in the UK in Feb ( still in the process of getting the restaurant sold )

    Can you lay down some rules for this ... cos you will find that mass photon gamblers will be paypal-ing you money from all over the world

    possible questions

    1, is it only open to people who are present at the UK meet on the Day
    ( this will keep it strictly a door prize ) and will require a redraw if a number is picked should that person not be there

    2, if that is not the case ... is it open to UK residents ( but if they win they must pay shipping costs )

    3, or is it open to Photon Lexicon members world wide,

    4, or is it open to anyone

    personaly i feel that option 1 would be the best solution, although some may find it unfair, but it does reward the efforts of those that turn up on the day and also will ecourage more to attend, you also need to make sure that PL user names are confirmed in the paypal payment along with
    name and address etc .... so that you cover your own ass in case of any dispute

    maybe if it works well we could organise a international photonlexicon Draw

    thanks to paul and frank for making this happen

    all the best ... Karl

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    Sounds like a good idea.
    I to favour option 1 as it should be to reward those who manage to get off their bums and attend.
    But will we get 60 peeps in attendance?

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    All hail Paul and Frank
    Paul what a magnificent idea. Frank - utmost respect and thanks.
    I agree that Karls option 1 is favorite but as a fall back plan option 2 would likely be ok as well. Obviously from Franks point of view this is a marketing opportunity, as I have never had my hands on a viasho so would love the chance to see one in action at close quarters. Therefore I think its imperetive that the laser is presented or at least available at the meet - and Frank may end up with some resulting sales.

    As for getting 60 atendees - did anyone say you could only buy 1 ticket/entry?

    Anyway well done boys this could be the icing on the cake for whats likeley to be a top day already.

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    Do I have to attend to enter the raffle
    KVANT Australian projector sales

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    count me in, great idea paul.

    if i can get any diodes before the meet, i will add a 4th prize of one of my 200mw focusable red pointers.

    but big IF
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    Thanks for the positive responses , i really wasnt sure how it would go down ... we really shouldnt encourage gambling but i think it might be worth it for the the excitement on the day , i think it might create a bit of a buzz as its a REALLY great prize methinks .

    As this is all about UKLEM and about the Buzz on the day i think personally it should be restricted to Uk members , but to prevent any unfairness in case of car breakdowns / family emergencies etc you dont actually have to physically be there at the meet but lets hope EVERYONE in UK who is a member attends .

    I hate rules but here goes ...

    1) open to Uk residents and members of photonlexicon who have intention of going to laser meet in feb

    2) restricted to max 3 ( THREE )tickets per member ( subject to change to very maximum of 5/10 in mid january should interest be very low )

    3) 2/3/4 etc prizes etc re - subject to change and prizes an position will be published here close to meet date.

    4) please make it clear in your paypal email your numbers chosen and your photonlexicon forum name

    5) balls 1-60 will be strictly allocated on a first come first served basis ..if your numbers taken we can discuss which other ball you would like.

    6) intention at present is purhase 60 ping pong balls number them and place in bag for each prize winning ball to be drawn ..but if anyone objects and wishes to put forwards ideas for a way to pick winners this may be suject to change

    Further as i will not be picking the winning balls and i will be endevouring to ensure fairness in all apect of draw ... would errr anyone mind if i bought 3 tickets .... id really love to win this but if errr it causes any issues i will step back

    OK as regards numbers i will publish in this thread the ball numbers and forum name who allocated that ball number for themselves

    Have Fun

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