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Thread: Selling 1-watt 532nm, Mamba Black, DT-40's, and more

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    Default Selling 1-watt 532nm, Mamba Black, DT-40's, and more

    Hey all, long time no chat. Unfortunately I can't hold onto my items any more due to the bills starting to pile up with school, so I have to sell all of my semi-pro supplies. By the way, I'd like to thank all of you who have helped me develop this awesome hobby; perhaps I will be able to pick it up again after school.

    Projector Casing
    MediaLas Mamba Black w/ EasyLase USB
    DT-40 Pro Scanners
    Aixiz 1 watt 532nm Laser
    Chauvet Water-based "Hazer"

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    sad news mate .
    Eat Sleep Lase Repeat

    Aluminium Optic Mounts

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    I still have a 1 watt laser and a projector casing available, if anyone's interested. I will be ebaying them come January, and I'd be willing to talk price before then if anyone is interested. Let me know.

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