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Thread: New Design: TTL /Analog shift, 532nm (>=50mW) , 635nm(>=100mW)

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    Default New Design: TTL /Analog shift, 532nm (>=50mW) , 635nm(>=100mW)

    S-KY Company has launched new designed products of the--
    DPSS 532nm(>=50mW), 635nm(>=100mW) and 660nm(>=200mW) laser.

    These products are combined with both Analog and TTL Modulations, compared to only one before, this is an important innovation both at home and abroad. Also, the power supply makes some dimensional change, it becomes a bit larger than ever before, and adds an turn on/off button on it to make it looks more flexible and stable.

    Though there are so many creation made to the product, the prices are not changed much, most of them are as the same as before. Obviously, this is a good news for the laser show and laser industry, universities.

    Contact: Greg Lin Official website:
    E-mail: MSN:
    Tel: 0086-755-28536703, 0086-755-84278397
    Fax: 0086-755-28536051
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20071207 532 50mW 635 660.jpg  

    Official website:

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    Default Here is some news of S-KY

    Here is some news of S-KY,

    CFR CHINA, USD2,170, 1W, 532nm laser, on promotion price

    Member: SALES Contact: Luke WANG ,

    New Design: TTL /Analog shift, 532nm (>=50mW) , 635nm(>=100mW)

    Member: skylaser Contact: Greg Lin,

    FOB China,USD355, >200mW portable handheld green laser FDA approved,

    Member: Market S-KY Contact: Betty Pan,

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    Wow, those two reds in the photo. You can see the difference in wavelength fairly well in that picture.
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