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Thread: Overpriced Batteries

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    Default Overpriced Batteries

    I'm so tired of paying for overpriced batteries. Thankfully, someone has found a solution that will save us a ton of money that we can use to spend on car insurance.

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    Hahaha.... funny video...

    There is a way to charge alkaline batteries, the staging guy on the tour I was on saved all our AA and 9v batteries because he recharged them.

    But on top of it all, ALL batteries are WAY overpriced. We would buy bricks of batteries (144 AAs or 72 9v) for about $30-40. Needless to say, I got to keep a lot of unused batteries at the end of the run... I think I'm set for life!

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    i recharge alkalines but you can only do it if you care constantly topping off the charge, once they get below about 60% they don't recharge well.

    I mostly do it with 9v batteries because it's impossible to find a true 9v recharable battery. ( all of them are 7.2.. why can't they just add one more cell for 8.4v? )

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