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Thread: Mamba Black - for rent?

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    Default Mamba Black - for rent?

    Would anyone be willing to let me borrow or rent their copy of Mamba Black for a little while? If someone is willing then I feel confident that we could work out the terms of deal between us in private. I don't need the DAC, just the software and dongle... actually just the dongle because I can download the software, I think.

    Send me a PM and we can go from there.


    PS I would prefer it to be someone in USA just to keep shipping simpler and cheaper.

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    They have stopped the downloads for it now.
    They email you a link to the latest version and it is keyed to the dongle.
    I've put mine up on eBay starting at 199.99 with the DAC, it finishes tomorrow. There are quite a few watchers on it though.


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