Hello everyone,
I am trying to help out some of my friend in building LPT DAC board (4 channels) to be used with Mamba Black software and the ILDA compatible laser beam.
We set up one simple circle picture and LPT port according to Mamba manual (channel 1 - x, channel 2 - y, channel 3 - blanking) . And we put a logic probe to the LPT. Every 2 ms there was one write sequence, so we expected sinusoidal samples ( like it showed up on USB DAC on X+ and X- lines).

But we found out that no matter which picture we chose, on LPT each 2ms there is the same value on output for all three channels. So our DAC is holding constant voltages and it can not be used to control laser beam.

Did anyone tried to hook up ILDA compatible device to some custom LPT DAC board? Is it possible at all?

Across the web, MediaLabs site and this forum there is no much informations about this topic, so any help would be appreciable.

Thanks in advance!