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Thread: Status Update: 12.25.2007

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    Default Status Update: 12.25.2007

    Updated the Vbulletin forum software here. Everything *appears* to work as expected...

    If you run across any problems, please post them in this thread.

    Also: Was updating the gallery and ran into a bucket of problems. It will be offline until I get everything working and updated. I have no guarantees as to when that will be, however, I am working on it right now.

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    New Gallery is up. Finally.

    Existing gallery users, please look around.

    The primary issues that cropped up are that descriptions over 255 characters were truncated *and* that none of the thumbnails were generated in the move over.

    Good news is that the thumbnails will be generated the first time you go to the image, bad news is that it takes a few seconds for the server to do its thing. After the first time an image is processed it is insanely faster in subsequent loads.

    I had to recreate the user accounts there because the conversion didn't go over well, so if you run into a bug/glitch keeping you from utilizing your gallery pages/images, please tell me.

    To everyone that has asked for gallery access over the past million years: its looking like 2 days from now. I've got some more user management issues to take care of given it looks very unlikely that I will be able to integrate it directly with the forum's user accounts.

    Well. I'm off to the digital salt mines. See you guys later.

    Also: Ignore the "Kitten" in the gallery... It's there to keep me relatively sane(and test user permissions).

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    Hi Robert!

    Checked out the new gallery, and everything seems to work just fine. Went through and edited about half the pictures in my gallery. Yeah, anything over 256 characters got flushed, so I've got some more descriptions to re-write.

    Still, everything works, and it's a lot faster! Looking great dude..


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