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Thread: Im a newbie after a USB ILDA

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    Default Im a newbie after a USB ILDA


    I use a laser as part of a mobile disco, it has an ILDA port on it, I have a computer and a laser but no software or interface. I want to play around with the laser and some software. Is there anyone out there with a USB to ILDA interface with software? Im trying to get this as cheap as possible.

    laser can been seen on our website at

    we are currently using a standalone DMX controller for it and its a bit complicated to control the 19 channels on a 12 channel controller!

    Thanks in advance

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    The Moncha package does. It is from It was created with live disco use in mind. I like it because it is powered from the USB port. It comes with software and you can download the demo version from their website for free if you want to try it out.

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