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Thread: HAHAHAHA...Oh to be young(er) and (relatively) carefree again! ;)

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    Talking HAHAHAHA...Oh to be young(er) and (relatively) carefree again! ;)

    Hey Cats -

    Not sure if this is 'old news' or not (sorry if it is) but check these 'kids' work out: (a bit long, but WELL DONE, boys!)

    (Heh Heh..I can say 'boys' now since I'm almost 40... well, almost 39.. OK, FINE, I'm still a 'BOY' MYSELF!!!!)

    ...and the follow-up (which is also a bit too long, but has some more 'advanced' fx - and a 'shocker' ending...not bad for 'home-brew'!!!)

    ..again, sorry if I am posting 'old news'... I am just usually too stinkin' busy with gigs to have time for 'fun' stuff like forums and 'YouTube'... (can you believe I never even knew about the whole Boston 'Mooninite' scare till I joined PL and read dream-beamz 'crack' about it???!!! - I COMPLETELY MISSED THAT!!! OMG...ROFL THAT WAS SO GREAT / AWFUL (what an exposé on the state of this horribly-run country!!!)

    ...if I am not designing, lasing, eating, sleeping, or crapping, I am with my Grrrl, and she ALWAYS takes precident over 'Tubing' or blogging!!! ...happily, this last Q, there was less work (bad for wallet ) so there was more time for bloggin and.........stuff!

    If you didn't see these vids...well, plan to LOL! - peace...

    - J

    PS - sorry, this pro'lly should have been in the 'Lounge', but I couldn't resist putting it here...
    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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