For a new project I would like to use thermopiles as an Infra Red contactless temperature sensor.
As small as possible, preferably dimensions of 3.5mm diameter x 3mm height. Until now I found the following manufacturers of thermopiles as a single component:
-Perkin Elmer
-GE Sensing
-Heimann Sensor
-Dexter Research Center
-Micro Hybrid
For a diameter of 3.5mm (TO-41) I found the following devices:
GE Sensing ZTP-015
Heimann Sensor HMS Z
Dexter Research ST60Micro

I am now contacting these manufacturers for more information on price and delivery information.
My questions :
- Does anyone know another manufacturer ?
- Are there more souls out there also using thermopiles and want to share their experiences ?
- Does anyone know a forum on this subject ?