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Thread: UK Laser Meet - Safety Issues???

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    Default UK Laser Meet - Safety Issues???

    Hi all

    Firstly, let me start by saying that this thread is in no way intended to spoil anyones fun and games at the UK laser meet, and the last thing i'm sure anyone would want is a long list of rules. However, I just wanted to throw this topic open to the forum in order to perhaps make everyone aware of the potential dangers of uncontrolled beams flying everywhere in a relatively small environment.

    At the last meeting there was only a small amount of people there and everyone was reasonably sensible , at this meeting it looks as though there could possibly be 30+ people there, most of them with kit, some of it very high powered. There could therefore be the possibility of 30+ class 4 lasers in one room

    All I am suggesting is that perhaps we could collectively make a few suggestions as to how to best deal with the sensitive issue of health and safety. A sort of list of guidelines that would serve to make the day both enjoyable AND safe without spoiling anyones fun. I'm sure you would agree that the last thing we would want is for anyone to get injured from a high powered stray beam.

    So there it is, the topic is open and I await suggestions, preferably none that start with f**k and end with off


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    my stand goes to about 10ft, which is good

    what we could do is line them up all pointing at the stage then we could all stand behind and talk etc.

    so there would be a line of lasers all pointer forward
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    Hi Jem,

    I was expectiing this topic to pop up,

    The club Mark has kindly donated isnt that big,

    I am sure we will all do a risk assesment when we arrive

    I guess we all need to control our passion and not get carried away showing of all at once,

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    Hi Jem

    I fully agree that there should be some kind of safety guidelines.

    Some of the members at the last UKLM may remember that I gave some safety advice which was more of a general conversation rather than a lecture.

    I do feel that it would be beneficial to all visitors to have a safety briefing before we all start shooting beams at each other.

    It does look very likely that both myself & John Whymark (Health & Safety Manager WOW! multimedia) would be able to attend this meeting. I would be more than happy to give laser safety advice again if this would be of benefit.

    I am not sure if James Stewart (Laser Visuals) will be attending as he maybe able to advise on safety also.

    Both myself & John would be more than happy to speak about preparing Laser Safety Documents, UK Legal situation on audience scanning, links to safety training & documentation. We may also be able to provide a workshop to demonstrate how to measure laser beams and calculate MPE from tables, if there was enough time & interest.

    We must all be safety aware on the day without killing the fun, I would not like to be the one in the dock trying to explain why

    p.s. Paul have you two shirts for me and ash XL & XXL


    Kevin (Lynx Laser UK)

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    i would love a safety talk or just general advice on safe lasering.
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    hi kev .... you made it here

    i tried to ring you last week ( sunday but your mobile kept crapping out )

    im guessing you are comming then will try and ring you this week

    look forward to seeing you and john again

    Safety ....
    from experience of being in a band for the last 25 years or so ... its normal when there are multple bands playing at a gig that a very strict time frame is organised ... could be done the same and would bring more organisation to the event, if we were to alocate 15 mins show time to every one attending with gear, if anyone feels that they need longer then they could request a longer spot

    this means more organisation for Paul but will bring a better event rather than a free for all

    all the best .... Karl

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    Hi Karl

    Yes, I am here at long last, the thought of all of you with white sticks promoted me into posting.

    I spoke to Paul last night & he said you were able to attend, it will be good to see (if we can !!) you all again, had a laugh last UKLM.

    I was a sleep when you rang on Sunday sorry did not recognize number.


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    I think most of the lasers will be above the MPE in this size room for crowd scanning,

    I dont really need a time slot to do a show, i was just planning on using live pro if anybody wanted to see them,

    I said in the other post i would bring three lasers, but to be realistic, i could drop the two 1.5 watt greens as we all know what they look like, and they are way over powered for the venue.

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    there not over powered for the venue, rob (stanwax) is bringing his 3.5watt white
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    I carnt wait to see that thing

    I meant overpowered for saftey,

    would the 40w yag be to powerfull

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