Hey all. Here's an evaluation of the S*KY 532nm 50mW Portable in the silver color. This purchase was made for the sole purpose of evaluation and I had no preconceived expectations about the product. The battery used was a Tenergy 18650 3.7V 2600maH fully charged. This is a bit different in that the evaluation is a video.

See video evaluation here

The vendor knew this purchase was for evaluation but by the looks of what was delivered I was sold something left over from the dark ages. Most vendors would have provided a system that at least met the specifications advertised. A response to an email I sent suggest I should do this or that but as a customer I shouldn't have to tweak THEIR systems to make it work. Now S*KY is welcome to send me another at their cost including paying the import fees (which I paid last time as well as filling out their 2877) to evaluate, but I will not be purchasing another portable from them until I'm satisfied that this unit was some kind of mistake which I would find hard to believe.

My recommendation: NO GO unless you are really sure you want it.