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    I'm not concerned with quality too much at this point. I have on order an approx 400-450mW green (532). Still waiting on the specs, but will be between 400-500mW. Will be a portable unit since I'm using it for other things. But will have TEC to run 1-2 hours, or the full charge of the battery. 1 battery is for laser, the 2nd will be for the TEC. Will also have adjustable power. At lower power, it probably can run longer.

    Anyway, I want to create something simple that can take audio input, like from a guitarist or DJ, and give me some beam patterns that correspond to the music.

    It can have TTL blanking, since I do like beam spread patterns. I love DIY so I can rig with plans. I'm going back to school, taking 1 calculus class, so money might be tight.

    I might do some line art, so maybe some free controller software that's simple would be good. Maybe some programmable beam work as well. Nothing too fancy.

    Nothing too high-tech. I probably only expect $20-$50 per show or so, but at least it would give me some exposure.
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