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    Hi guys, I'm very new to the forum and hobby , but love the discussions. I have a simple question for you, how do the usb controlers handle the blanking/ intensity aspect. Does that mean an AOM is no longer needed in your projector? Thanks.

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    First off welcome to the forums!

    And well it depends on the equipment you have. For example if you are using a gas laser like a helium neon or argon laser you don't have the ability to send it a control blanking signal so in that situation you still need to have a PCAOM.

    In the case of DPSS (diode pumped solid state) lasers you usually have a option for modulation. Whether it be TTL (on or off) or analog (dim-able) you send an appropriate signal to the laser driver and it will take care of the blanking by turning the laser on and off very fast (something you cant do with gas lasers hence the PCAOM).

    This is not a function only of USB style controllers. Almost any controller can handle at least RGB modulation signals.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you need any clarification.


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    Hey, welcome to PL!

    As mliptack says, Most usb controllers will output a blanking / intesity signal on one pin and individual R G B values on another 3. (or 6 pins to be precise as its usually a differential signal.) These signals will modulate a DPSS or diode laser via the modulation input on its driver, an aom or a pcaom, or a blanking galvo. If you have an ILDA standard input on your projector, it should work with any ilda standarsd output be it from an adat machine, usb controller, hardware controller or whatever. (In theory!)


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