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Thread: Lighter vs dimmer

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    Default Lighter vs dimmer

    Regarding galvos, I was wondering if their speed can accelerate and deccelerate in time.

    To create a brighter line surrounded by dimmer lines, is it that:

    1) the laser stays longer on the brighter line
    2) the laser makes more passes over the line

    With the inertia problems, it might take too much energy to dynamically alter the speed as a function of time of the mirrors. Is it easier to make them a constant speed?

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    Hey nano,

    Not too sure quite what you're wondering but in a standard setup with some software, a dac and some scanners, you can add anchor points (extra points) along a line to make it brighter compared to one that is scanned with fewer points in the same frame.

    i.e: you make a frame with one "dot" made from 5 point and one "dot" made from 50 points. You can guess which will appear brighter. The galvos will stop at that point for longer, effectivly slowing it down.

    I'm sure others will jump in with more details if you need.



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