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Thread: Saftey Goggles

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    Default Saftey Goggles

    I managed to blind myself last night and have spent the day feeling uncomfortable. So I have decided I need to buy some safety specks.

    Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced supplier in the uk?

    Many Thanks

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    I don't know supplier's in the UK, but there is an excellent price on the group buy going on here:

    You probably should see your doctor soon. As your eye starts to heal, there might be complications that would be easier to take care of if caught early on.

    If it was a laser, may I ask what the wattage or type of laser? An Infra-Red laser blindness would possibly be more damaging than a visible light.
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    Can I respectfully suggest that you nip along to see your local Optician/Optometrist just to get checked out?

    I guess you're feeling pretty silly and sheepish right now, hopefully you won't have done any lasting damage. However, this should serve as a nice timely warning to be very careful.

    As previously mentioned, there is a group buy of goggles that I believe 'Bridge' is supplying at an extremely good price. I work in the Optical trade and cannot find anything near the price of the group buy. I can get you some nice Bolle goggles though, but the price is around £100 ish And that's TRADE price !!

    Anyway, I hope you are o.k. and not suffering too much.


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    thanks for the reply s, I was checking out that super7 laser (see thread) and focused the 3 lasers into one beam and aimed it at the back of my hand. All I can guess is that it was the reflection . the actual power of the laser was quite small, 300mw red, 70ish green, 50mw blue.

    the scary thing is I spoke to the suppliers technical guy and he hasn`t got any goggles in his kit.

    I`ll get myself down to the walk in clinic tomorrow, but tbh I think I have been lucky, but it certainly serves as a reminder.

    now off to check out the group buy.


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    arent safety glasses calld eye lids????

    only joking
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    Bad experience

    Please take care of your eyes very much while near the wicked but attractive laser, no matter what's the power. I once be reflected by a 500mw green laser, it make my left eye short sight 150 degrees more,my origin is 350 degrees. I will see what will happen on me

    However, we also provide laser goggles, for UV laser, blue laser, green laser, red laser, IR laser ……, there is a pic , please see if we can do help.

    For more,

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    Hey buddy,

    Before I bought my goggles I always saw them as being a nuisance or being unnecessary. One more expensive thing to pay for in this hobby. But really you NEED them. Goggles aren't like knee pads or wrist guards, sure they can help prevent you from breaking bones or getting scraped. But you're eyes cant heal like bones can. Everyone needs to realize how vitally important it is to wear goggles! But even with goggles laser light can be dangerous. Not only should you wear goggles but every movement should be thought about. Just like how you should think before quickly trying to catch an exacto knife or soldering iron you dropped

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    thanks for all the reply s. I am definitely going to buy a set. If I could order the group buy tomorrow I would.

    I must admit I`m a bit of an old women when it comes to H & S thats why its so annoying!! (If it had been one of my crew I would have sacked them for not using PPE )

    Lets just hope none of them are on here otherwise I`m in for a bit of banter from them on the next gig!!

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    The group buy shipping will probably end up being only about $5-10.

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    There's one thing I've been wondering about these goggles. Since I'm going at least RGY I would want goggles that block multiple wavelengths and I've noticed there are such. But if they block red, green and blue what's there left to see? Am I gonna have to work with my 35000 lumen (400W) metal halide lamp on to see anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by mliptack View Post
    Just like how you should think before quickly trying to catch an exacto knife or soldering iron you dropped
    LOL! Yeah, I have this nasty habit of trying to catch falling objects with my foot. Usually works great, but once I dropped a knife in the kitchen...

    I've been lucky with soldering irons. I always manage to catch them in the grip.

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