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Thread: Any PL Members Near Harlow, Essex, UK?

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    Default Any PL Members Near Harlow, Essex, UK?

    As title really.

    Iv'e bought an Argon laser from someone in Harlow, Essex and just wondered if there was anyone local who could collect it for me and bring it to the UKLEM on 3rd Feb.

    I'd be happy to pay reasonable expenses.

    Please PM me if you might be able to help. The other option of course is courier or postage, but I would prefer for it to have a nice smooth journey in a car

    Anyone offering to help should be a reasonably long standing member of the forum who is known to one or two other members, i'm sure you'll appreciate that there has to be an element of trust here


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    pfffffff its 30 mins away from me

    bit busy at the moment, so i dont really wana make any promises.

    if no one else can help then yes i will mate
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