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Thread: Adjustable mirror mount questions

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    Default Adjustable mirror mount questions

    I had PM'd one of the members regarding a question about mirrors, and thought I would ask it here as well.

    Is there a technical term for adjustable mirrors on a mount that can be temporarily stuck to a wall (either by suction or a mild adhesive)?

    Someone posted on this forum a link to a 4" mirror for high-power that looked like it would sit on the floor. That was the coolest looking mirror I had ever seen, but I can't find the thread anymore.

    Anyway, the mirrors I'm considering could be small (about 1" or so). I have a 5mW pointer that I'll be using to start, in my journey toward projectors.

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    Default Mirrors Brackets

    those work for you?? if youre looking for simple mirror "brackets" just to mess around with at your home or something, use a tin can!

    i used to cut up tin cans and hot glue little mirrors to the parts of metal i cut. you can bend em and aim em to your little hearts desire. of course, this is EXTREMELY non-professional! just to have fun with in your house or something!

    and you can get little 1"-4" first surface mirrors at brooks and/or CVS (if youre in the USA and have those near you.) i think even walmart sells small mirrors in their crafts area.


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    I've heard of some people using old harddrive platters, so this might be an option later. I'll look at CVS, since I am mainly wanting the mount to be able to be stuck, and unstuck to a wall (wallpaper), without leaving a residue or such.

    My next question will be, how does one terminate the beam so that it doesn't make a night-vision destroying bright spot. I think a dark container of some sort would work, with a hole to take in the light.

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    Here are a couple that I made. Simple gimble with adjustable friction. Can be mounted with neodimium magnets or screws. Possibly some of the new temporary wall adhesives for pictures would work. I will see if I can find the CAD file if someone wants to make a few....
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