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Thread: LASEVER 635nm 300mW

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    after getting that call from george i actually metered mine also a day ago. i also had the proper 5V on the 2 output screw terminals. so maybe this isnt a problem!?!? what REALLY confused the hell outta me...
    i metered the plug from the power supply "brick." (not the small aluminum power supply. the power inverter from 120 down to 5V@5A. the laptop converter lookin power supply)
    i cant get a reading!?!?! HUH you might say??? I KNOW!!! i dont understand it. it bounces around like its attempting to be an AC Voltage, but it isnt (just for shits and giggles i put meter to AC and nothing) it bounces all over the place. never gets to a high dangerous voltage just wont stay at ~5-6 V. the output says it should be 5V@5A.
    any ideas?
    obviously, once its plugged into the power supply (small aluminum one) it operates the alser and i get the 5V off of the 2 terminals...???

    confucious say......marc is confused!!!

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    I'm pretty shure that as soon there's a load on the PSU, you're able to measure the output. It's a more or less normal behaviour for switching supplys.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gottaluvlasers View Post
    yeah adam...

    this seems like the way to go. this is for the RGB im building for the club, so its going to be used JUST live.

    quickly though-
    i bought the scanpro 30Ks from dave on here (aijii) if my memory serves me correctly, they are *DIFFERENTIAL* inputs. and someone just said the FB3 has "single ended" outputs.

    dont worry when you order fb3 now you can ask bill for differential outputs
    on your fb3 he has an addon board that he uses to convert single to differential so you dont end up with small projected images if poeple already have an fb3 ask him and he will send diagram and you can make your own

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