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Thread: Hello from a Newbie! Offering Home & Office Automation

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    Lightbulb Hello from a Newbie! Offering Home & Office Automation

    I have a small outfit called Tii-Techniglobal Industries, Inc. that sells Home Automation solutions. I have always played around with lasers, so finding ways to integrate laser into the automation systems; whether it be for neat light shows or for security / deterrent solutions. Who knows where it could go but we have already done some awesome things! The eBay store is up @ . I am working on the forum and upgrading it to a newer version of phpBB, hope to have it back up soon!

    PM me with your email address and any questions or ideas you have. I live for projects ;-)

    Matt L. Dower - CEO

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    Last year I helped a friend install a green laser at his business with a matrix of bounce mirrors to make a deterent for would be theives. We also implemented a photoelectric activated dialer that is hard wired into the phone line to call his cell if the beam was broken. Works good as I hear he tests it every week or so. He gets the visual aspect from the outside close to the front door and the not so easily seen beam from the rest of the facility.
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