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Thread: UKLM - snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

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    Default UKLM - snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

    no matter what the weather is like i will get me and paul there. im hoping that at 90mph you just skim over the snow
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    PAH !!

    We will strap our lasers to the bonnets of our cars and BURN our way through the blizzards.

    The ole Dunkirk spirit still lives !!

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    nothing will stop me getting there. ill arm paul with a spade
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    i`m almost ashamed to admit this, but up until last week. I thought the meet was in Leicester square LONDON!!!

    I once turned up to a gig a month early as well!!

    \me goes off to find a dark corner to sit in.

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    oh dear, someone isnt going to be attending
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    yes I`m not best pleased. it was only when I clicked the link for the dinner, the penny dropped

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    That would have been embarrasing wandering around London calling for us with a laser strapped to back. Still at least you found out in good time.

    Andy I too will be there rain hail snow nothing short of Nuclear strike will stop me!

    See ya Sunday

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