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Thread: How'd I do? Videos!!!

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    Default How'd I do? Videos!!!

    Well, I haven't been around in a while, figured I'd post the process of the still nearly completed RGB full color projector

    Bought AstroGuy's setup a while back, but upgraded almost instantly with all analogue.

    200mW 671nm Red DPSS
    150mW 532nm Green DPSS
    50mW 473nm Blue DPSS

    30k scanners

    Shows that came with LAstudio package

    Just the beams, the videos do no justice but I believe the color balance is AMAZING. The seamless flow of color is jaw dropping in person.

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    That looks good to me man. Compression is a little rough, but that is about it. I need to look into the shows with LA Studio...
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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