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Thread: ALC68C, ALC68A PSU, 2x 20Kpps scanners, all mounted with B&G Dichro - Price?

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    Default ALC68C, ALC68A PSU, 2x 20Kpps scanners, all mounted with B&G Dichro - Price?

    I've just paid 450 for a recently serviced ALC68C (laserelectronics @ Orby Nr-Skeg) and I think it has an ALC68A PSU with it (cant quite read the label). It's 110v operation but was supplied with a stepdown transformer.
    It also has 2 sets of scanners fitted and a blue/green dichro - all mounted on a large chunk od ally plate with a fibre glass lid for the lot.

    One like this - The first laser & PSU picture on the page below:

    The EBay item:

    Was this a good price please ?
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    Assuming that the laser is good, and everything works, then you didn't do too baddly. I saw a 68B with power supply go for around $700 recently. Add in the cost of the scanners and the optics that he included, and I'd say it's worth close to $1000, which is about what you paid.

    Have you tested the laser to be sure it works? (Make sure both fans are running before you light the tube! That tube will eat itself if you don't have good airflow.)


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    2 years ago I got $2000 for a ALC68b on ebay

    This was a fully working pnp setup.

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    15 years ago I paid 2,500 for a re-processed ALC60 head, no PSU

    I mean ALC68, the 60's were going for 1,400 at the time

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