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    Dear sirs ,

    I started with lack of ideas on the opposite way . I bought an USB interface + soft, HE -Laserscan lll V3.4.X-2007 made by .
    Now i must make a decision . Can i buy a400mW (99% CNI ), RGB (300,60,60mw) , TTL ,ILDA,DMX , 50KPPS, sound, demo,256 basic patterns ,flightcase for the amount of 1950 Euro or analogue for 2.272 Euro ready build in Germany .
    The second choice is to buy all the components directly from China and to try with a bit of luck to build the entire system . From my opinion the biggest problem is sound and basic patterns and that i haven`t found this two interfaces or schematics diagrams & firmware .
    This the second possibility could offer me making a more than 400mW RGB , probably max. 600mW without DMX. I hope not to overcome that amount of money .
    What decision you advice me to take ?
    Best regards

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    I'll give you my opinion... I have a 300mW RGB that I built, and have had it slightly modified by several of the gurus here and it has another appointment with one of them again at as of yet an unspecified future date.

    If I had all the money I have shoveled into this pit I generously call a laser projector, in my hand at this very moment, I would buy a turn key projector, but I would painstakingly research every component going into that box. Which in the end would probably have me conning one of the above mentioned gurus into letting me camp in their back yards so I can watch while they build me a projector. Probably spending an extra grand to get the best parts and a big tip for construction. OR, take that money as a down payment on a loan for a Arctos based projector.

    My "pit" experience has made me a little displeased with my, personal, DIY skills. I keep killing expensive items, and with most of us here with bosses like mine, it is hard to buy premium parts under the radar. So, if somehow I could take my "laser projector" to a pawn shop and get every dime I have put into it, I'd look into getting a turn key projector, BUT, that turn key box is not going to provide the immense satisfaction of getting that pit to work right for a week until you decide to BS around with it again. I have wanted to toss mine out the back window on a few occations though too.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Quote Originally Posted by allthatwhichis View Post
    I keep killing expensive items...
    Hmmm... I know exactly how you feel

    But Hey, Where's the fun in having something that works perfectly all the time. There's no satisfaction in just buying something 'perfect' off the shelf is there... Hmmm... let me think about that for a moment


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