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Thread: Mamba suggestions: post here

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    Don't know about Mamba, but lots of Pangolin LivePro! users seem to like the Novation Remote Zero controller. In fact, I just picked one up myself. Nice rigs, and just about infinitely configurable! Couple that with a touch screen and you've got the best of both worlds...

    No, you cannot map all the sliders of the novation in Mamba, so it will not be very usefull.

    The Midi keyboard is a better solution with mamba.

    The Novation with livepro is the best solution

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    Mamba Liveplayer is a useable part of Mamba but is currently missing many key features though this is being addressed in the job list of OG. One area where it falls down is in the lack of good midi support. I have used a couple of midi keyboards connected to the midi/game port and they work well for controlling the cues. However the effects dont work very well when assigned to the mod/pitcch bend (and they are very limmited) - it all seems a bit hit and miss.
    I recently bought Korg Nano Kontrol/pad/key set and I can only assign one usb midi device at any 1 time and the way it operates is far from ideal to the point where I am currently not using them at all and have reverted to a mouse and keyboard () as I have no alternative as laptops dont have a game port.
    I have just put a list of faults and new features/controls/buttons into OG and I hope that some (or all) get adopted or developed. They are things that I have noted when using Liveplayer in a live enviroment.
    I dont expect Mamba Liveplayer to compete with LP but currently its a million miles away from the useability of the Pango product and I would test any device you buy before committing your hard earned. As mccarrot says - I wouldnt buy a Novation (yet)

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