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    I found your web site and was very impressed. I am currently in the process in buying a new laser and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice.
    I am currently looking at purchasing Laserworld RS-400RGB Laser and also looking at software called show editor 2007 or the Moncha. Could someone please give me any personal opinions or experience on the above. I don't want to get caught out purchasing the wrong laser or software! So far I have been given some very good prices for the laser (I think for this type), but the software is quite expensive.
    Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.
    What should I be looking for? If someone could also let me know if this laser is ok that would be cool to!

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    take a look at merlin its from what i understand the oldest still developed software available (been around since the Early 80's )

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    Make a list of features that you absolutely must have before buying any hardware or software. Not all software is created equally.

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    hey steve-

    the system looks pretty decent. although it isnt going to be very well white balanced. it is going to project on the green heavy side. and the red is going to be pretty dim. 200mW at 650nm isnt very eye-friendly. but it honestly does look like a pretty decent system. "white balance" isnt as important for club type shows incorporating more beam type effects as oppose to graphics.

    it has a standard ILDA input so almost any ILDA compatible software would work. i would ask the seller if the lasers are Anlog modulated or TTL modulated as that will reflect on your color pallete projected. (TTL= laser is either ON or OFF. Analog (better and more desired)= variable brightness control over the laser. millions of colors possible)


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